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First Home Buyers Guide

If you need to borrow money to buy a residential property in New South Wales, I want to be your mortgage broker.

To apply for a home or investment loan you can either contact a lender directly or speak to a mortgage broker. In recent years, more than half of all Australian mortgages have been taken out with the help of a mortgage broker. The advantage of a broker is we are mortgage specialists who can introduce you to products from many lenders, including all the major banks. The rising dominance of mortgage brokers can also be attributed to the increasing complexity of the mortgage process. Government and lender policies change frequently, and it takes a dedicated professional to stay informed. These 31 steps are a rough sequence of events for first-time property buyers in NSW. But every individual and every mortgage application is unique. Since 2001 my passion has been to help borrowers properly structure their mortgage debt and, just as importantly, understand the strategy behind the structure. I hope this guide inspires you to begin mapping out a plan to buy your first property.

A good first step on that journey is to contact my office and arrange an obligation-free appointment to discuss your circumstances. Even if you think you may not buy for a year or more, it’s worth having a general discussion now.

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John Ruddick Mortgages First Home Owners GuideOwner



John Ruddick Mortgages First Home Owners GuideOwner

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John Ruddick Mortgages First Home Owners GuideOwner



John Ruddick Mortgages First Home Owners GuideOwner